Compressed Air Treatment Solutions

Following the introduction of stringent legislation concerning health and environmental issues, the requirements on industry to produce high quality compressed air has never been greater.

AE Industrial provide a range of products to ensure you comply with this legistlation, with proven and reliable products from leading manufacturers within this field, such as Ingersoll-Rand, Domnick Hunter and Beko.

The following products offer the complete solution for the provision of clean, dry compressed air whatever your manufacturing process and also the treatment of condensate to ensure you meet the requirements of trade effluent regulations.


Our range includes both direct expansion air dryer and the unique thermal mass energy efficient air dryer from 13-3100 cfm.

Refrigerated Air Dryers


Modern production facilities require and demand increasingly high levels of air quality. Our range provides totally dry and clean compressed air, with the option of heatless, heat regenerative and zero-purge desiccant air dryer incorporating energy efficient dewpoint monitoring.

Desiccant Air Dryers


Our range of Oil X aerosol and particulate removal filters provide highly efficient performance, designed to comply with the latest ISO 8573:2001 air quality standard, whilst providing low energy cost throughout life of the element.

Inline Filtration


Our wide range of models make it possible to  select a suitable reliable and cost effective drain for any application, with no loss of compressed air.

Zero Loss Drains


To ensure our customer’s meet current legislation relating to condensate management we provide a complete range of separators to treat all types of oil, allowing condensate to be discharged safely to foul sewers.

Oil Water Seperators


The Beko range of membrane dryers provide a simple solution for drying compressed air and require no electrical power. They are particularly useful for low flow for point of use applications.

Membrane Dryer


With our range of Domnick Hunter breathing air purifiers we can provide breathable quality air to BS4275-1997 including CO and CO2 reduction from a single portable unit to static multi-user installation.

Breathing Air